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EDEN trust is providing a new space to spend retirement life in a meaningfully and cheerfully way without having the barriers of an old age home. These villa projects are being constructed in vallum which is two kilometers from Kottarakkara Town in Kollam district of Kerala with a total plot extent of three acers which is having ample natural and serene beauty.


This project aims in providing a safe, joyful and peaceful ecosystem for those who are sixty years and above for those, whose loving and caring young ones doesn’t have time to spare with them because of their busy life schedule. Anyone who is above fifty and ready to live their remaining life as per the guideline and manifesto of EDEN trust can be a member. Presently villas of single and dual occupancy having a total built up area of 600 Sqft are readily avialble for the occupants.


Very old people, due to their reduced mobility and debilitating disabilities, need other people to do things for them. With the increasing trend of nuclear families in the society and with fewer children in the family, the care of older persons in the families gets increasingly difficult. Therefore, it is necessary to safeguard the elderly people who are absolutely neglected, ill-treated and vulnerable. It could be addressed by establishing a care giving unit especially for the elderly people that will dedicatedly work on meeting their needs.


EDEN TRUST is looking forward to set up such care giving unit for elderly people. Although EDEN TRUST realizes that an elderly person deserves an attention from their family but looking at the data it is found that the number of neglected elderly people is rapidly increasing and there is a huge need of an intervention to address the problems that are elderly people are facing at the moment



a) To establish and maintain old age homes with all necessary facilities of accommodation, food for the aged and deserving people.


b) To establish, maintain or grant aid to homes for the aged, orphanages or other establishments for the relief and help to the poor, needy and destitute people, orphans, widows and aged person.


c) To preach and practice perception, charity and brotherhood.


d) To assist poor/needy patients undergoing treatment for various diseases including cancer and to establish palliative care units.


e) To establish, maintain and run studentship, scholarship and render other kind of aid to students including supply of Books, stipend, medals and other incentives to study, without any distinction as to caste, color race, creed or sex.


f) To assist educated youth in achieving good career by providing career guidance, counseling, organizing seminars, training etc.


g) To develop ethics moral and cultural values among the society, especially among all walks of people.


h) To organize seminars, conference, sermon and speech on different aspects of moral values.


i) To establish, maintain and grant aid to educational and cultural institutions for the promotion of science, literature, music, drama and fine arts.


j) To grant relief and assistance to the needy victims during natural calamities such as flood, fire, famine, earthquake etc. and to give donations and other assistance to person/establishments engaged in such relief works.


k) To set up blood donation group for assisting needy patients during emergency.

maintenance and furtherance of all the object mentioned above, for the benefit and use of the general public, without any distinction as to caste, color, creed, religion or sex.

➢ To look after the elderly people with utmost care and empathy in a pleasant atmosphere to lead a peaceful life till their last journey.

➢ To provide a quality of life which enable elderly residents to retain their independence, identity and a sense of value.

➢ Ensuring their health and well-being of the residents.

➢ Enjoy their right of healthcare, social services, physical and mental security.

➢ To extend the facilities of the home to more number of needy persons in the society.

➢ To continue to survive by bringing together the hands of all likeminded people without depending on Government for sustenance.

➢ To improve the quality of life of the orphans and vulnerable children by establishing a permanent home, educational facility and health care Centre for them.

➢ To train care givers in care giving skills to enable these children get adequate care, love and support.

➢ To provide adequate education to these children to make them good citizens and have a better future through good education right from a tender age.

➢ To create awareness to the community and the outside world for the need to protect, promote, preserve and support the vulnerable children and the orphans including their rights.


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